Data Science and Smart Utilization


Data Science and Smart Utilization

Artificial intelligence in the 21st century has evolved a lot. The main output of all artificial intelligence systems is data. Enormous amounts of data are being generated every day and, in several years, “every second about 1.7 Megabytes of data will be created for every person on the planet” according to the Towards Data Science report.  

There are several new trends in data science which give businesses the agility and insights into their enterprise data. One of these tools is called Graph Analytics. It is applied in various industries like Banking, Oil and Gas, Public Sector etc. Graph Analytics helps businesses to get insights from their data and processes using graphs, make it more visual and easier to get. 

Another new tool is Data Fabric – a tool that summarizes all the business data received from any possible sources like Application Programming Interfaces and pipelines. Data privacy by design is used to explore all gathered information by experimenting on real-world model. Several media platforms name Python as a separate tool for AI and Data Science, that is why this language is so popular and on demand nowadays. Other platforms also mention IoT and Analytics, Augmented Analytics, Data Security and Privacy and the number is extremely growing every year.  

During COVID-19 emergency Healthcare industry has become one of the most vulnerable and dependent on Data Science area. All the Medical analytics as well as Artificial Intelligence systems are now used for predicting, recording and preparing to a global crisis. More and more data is being used to help patients and calculate their medication intake. Clinics and hospitals and their IT departments cannot cope with the data streams that literally come from all directions. That is why more and more private and public clinics are asking third parties for help in processing data using AI and Data Science. 

 According to Gartner research 3 of 4 organizations by the end of 2024 will be operationalizing AI and increase overall artificial infrastructure by 5 times. Pandemic has changed us a lot and taught us how to utilize Data more efficiently and carefully. Many people say that all trends we used before the pandemic will not be of use because of a completely new post-COVID19 model.  

 Almost every industry will use Data Science and AI in one or another way: dynamic data will replace users visual and exploration, it will lead to getting rid of dashboards. Also, by 2033 at least half of large enterprises will implement decision intelligence instead of human interference. Cloud services will come in handy and absorb up to 90 percent of Data and Analytics innovation. 


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