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With Ronwell DevOps Service you can increase your delivery capacity up to 7 times, cut time-to-market and costs, while improving application quality.
In the world of Agile Software development, “Continuous Integration” and “Continuous Delivery” have been creating several challenges for Developers and Operations since the very beginning. The list of challenges is huge; however, let’s have a look on one of challenge faced in Continuous Delivery.
DevOps Services By Ronwell Digital

  • Quality Assessment of current process and project requirements.

  • Identifying right combination of tools and implementing DevOps delivery pipeline.

  • Customized DevOps solutions.

DevOps Services
 DevOps Delivery Pipeline
DevOps Delivery Pipeline

There is a huge list of DevOps tools available. Some are open-source/free while some are paid. JKT does the assessment of the target project and establishes the “DevOps Delivery Pipeline” which suites better to the client and cater all need of project.

Pilot Framework Creation
We leverage and combine your existing tools with our strong ecosystem of open source and our licensed tools
Assessment and Planning
We create a DevOps Assessment roadmap by visualizing the desired state and identifying the visible metrics
Process Implementation
We continue with the analysis, design, automation construction, and implementation in the identified areas
Security Integration
We offer end-to-end security integration through the ‘Security as Code’ tool using
CI/CD Pipeline
We bridge the Dev-Ops way through continuous integration, continuous testing, continuous development, and continuous deployment
Process Automation
We automate the complete process pipeline from code generation to creation, test cases, covering builds, quality checks, security and more

Why do people praise about Ronwell Digital?

“We have been impressed about the high pace and accuracy of the delivery output for our Test automation Products.”
Björn Kemmelmeier
Deputy VP of dormakaba AG
“On time delivery with the expected quality output, for our new products launches.”
Andre Malkowsky
Senior Manager of Vodafone Germany
“We have been impressed, about the fast scaling of the necessary SAP resources and the deep subject matter expertise”
Heinemann AG
VP SAP Program

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