Digital Transformation Strategy For Pre-Digital Organizations

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Digital Transformation Strategy For Pre-Digital Organizations

Digital Transformation Strategy (or simply DTS) has become a real concern for pre-digital organizations in 2020. All market players had to adjust to new circumstances and leverage online options instead of pure offline business.

Unlike so-called “born-digital” organizations like Amazon and Visa, pre-digital organizations mainly in Food and Beverages, Restaurants, Telecommunications, Retail, Oil and Gas, and many other industries should be 100 percent ready for a new digital journey. Generally, it can be done in several ways: in-house software development, out-of-the-box solutions or 3rd party vendors.

Every organization of different sizes and industry has its own goals, processes and organizational aspects for utilizing a specific technology for its business. In order to gain market share and get new customers in a cost-effective way and with high quality of the resources nowadays many companies use 3rd party vendors. There are many advantages like competency, capabilities and capacity, reliable communication, high business standards etc.

Sometimes businesses have own digital capabilities, but when it comes to executing, decision-makers struggle with the lack of knowledge or just simply they don’t have enough solution focused powers to get the job done at the end of the day. Well, this is another reason to trust your vendor and get your partner an opportunity to prove its Digital Competency.

Here are some tips and strategies for pre-digital organizations to implement:

1. Leverage the most effective digital technologies that your target audience really want.

2. Create digital solutions that can be easily implemented in your IT ecosystem.

3. Create company policies that stimulate digital transformation.

4. Partner only with trusted vendors that are competent in a particular digital business strategy.

5. Develop simple and user-friendly digital transformation strategies for both internal and external users.

6. When experimenting on digital transformation strategy always keep several separate systems and define what is better after researching.

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