What Is Application Design And Development


What Is Application Design And Development

What is Application Development?

Today, the software that is coded and specially designed for smart devices (smartphones and tablets)  is called mobile application and application development is the process of designing, building, and implementing these software applications.

With the growth of technology and the increasing use of mobile devices, the number of mobile applications are also increasing. Especially banking, shopping, etc. mobile applications make life easier. Therefore, instead of being a simply written code, it becomes essential for providing easy and useful systems.

Mobile applications aren’t just for big companies. It covers applications that can be created for small and medium sized companies because people are reaching an institution over a phone. In addition to creating a strong communication with people, it has become a necessity today to make software applications.

Due to customers that you can reach directly with applications, you have all the control. You can follow up the work easily and smoothly. You can also save on operational costs, easily meet customer expectations, increase your income through e-commerce and advertising channels. With applications, you can make your service more functional and quality, and increase your customer potential.

To make good applications we need Application developers and they have a computer programming background However there is a difference between application programming and computer programming. As you can imagine, the reason it’s called application development instead of just computer programming is because there are many steps involved before and after the actual writing of the computer program. All of those steps are should be followed to have a functional application.

Here are these steps:

  • Application development analysis,
  • Competitor analysis,
  • Desgin (UI) and User experiences (UX),
  • Programming,
  • Testing and broadcasting.

1-Application development analysis:

It is the most important step of application development. It is the first stage where it is listed customer needs that should be considered. Here, needs and solutions are created and at this stage, the needs and problems of the customer are filed and solution proposals are determined.

2- Competitor analysis:

It is necessary to analyze competitors in the name of basic analysis. By keeping up with the changing technology, it is necessary to create better designs than the competitors to achieve better results than them. By analyzing similar applications in the hands of competitors, it is determined what we need and what we can have better.

3- Design (UI)  & User experience (UX):

It is necessary to define the people who will use the application. This definition means defining customers and visitors. It is easier to analyze user movements by creating experience maps. These studies are necessary steps for application interface design because problems that may occur during operation will be prevented by eliminating user habits and errors that may arise from the application interface.


A correct programming is required after correct analysis and planning. There are parts that will differ in each of the mobile platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows where the application will be published. Mobile application development will change depending on the platform on which it will be published. After deciding on the programming infrastructure, fast work and error-free work are carried out.

5-Testing and Publication:

After the mobile application development, every possible situation should be tested. Possible problems that may occur after the broadcast are tested at this stage and it is aimed to prevent these errors. Mobile applications are susceptible to more errors due to device diversity. These errors should be carefully tested in order to prevent damage to your company and your brand. After all tests, possible errors are prevented and the broadcast process is started.

The importance of UI/UX at mobile applications

If there is an application that has a bad design, the user always uninstall that application which is something we don’t want. Therefore now we will look at the basics of UI/UX design.

User Experience (UX) is the internal/psychological experience that a user has when interacting with a product or service.

User Interface (UI) is the series of visual elements, such as icons, buttons, screens, etc., that a user interacts with.

What to pay ettention in Application Design?

Font selection and usage:

Font selection is a great importance in mobile application as in every design. Especially because the screen size is small, the font you choose can affect the whole feel of the application. Fonts that are too thick can turn into interlocking shapes when viewed from a distance, and thin fonts can disappear in the background.

Gesture and the importance of animation:

Especially the use of animation (which can be a simple loading animation) greatly affects the feel of the app you produce. The most important feeling you should give users is that they are using a fast and fluid app. If you can make them not get bored while waiting or even forget what they expect – your users will want to spend more time in your app.

Negative space usage:

I want to draw your attention to the use of negative space because I think the most mistakes are made here. The desire to put a lot of features on a single page, especially in customer affairs, makes it difficult to use negative space. When you encounter a similar situation, ask yourself or your customer: What does the user want to see on this page?

User Testing:

No matter how successful your design is, feedback from users should always play a big role in your app. A design that you consider to be magnificent can be perceived very differently by users. Feel free to redo the designs as needed. Remember; A much better product will come out with user suggestions.

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