What is Robotic Process Automation


What is Robotic Process Automation


 More than a half of businesses all over the world started using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and have been implementing their RPA strategy internally. RPA is a revolutionary technology that helps both large and small enterprises to eliminate redundant tasks and gives an opportunity to concentrate on other tasks that need more human interaction.

What Is Robotic Process Automation

The main purpose to start your own Robotic Process Automation journey is gathering and simplifying lots of tasks inside a company. This kind of digital workforce helps in several ways like creating bots for IT Services, Call Centers, Data Management, Accounts Payable, HR, etc. Every type of department can be upgraded and do the tasks faster and reduce the number of human errors.

Implementing RPA solutions does not mean changing human interaction which can lead to losing your job. It’s just an automation tool and it is made to help businesses save time and money and achieve future objectives.

So-called robots have significant advantages in comparison to human power like accuracy, cost of rework, working 24/7, fast executing, short implementation and substitution, predictability and permanent quality. The main thing to make it real is the quality and reliability of your vendor. Only mature and experienced companies can help in such new automation field.

What is the way to measure efficiency and impact of bots for your business? The simple answer is ROI (Return of Investment). Up to 80 percent reduction in cycle and processing, about a half of immediate cost savings and up to 50 percent of increasing staff productivity – this is the main immediate advantages of getting RPA onboard.

Robotic Process Automation can be found in many areas of life nowadays. Today we can notice RPA in Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing, Telecom, Energy sector and many more. The main advantages of RPA in all these domains are:

  • Cost Efficiency

RPA immediately reduces costs and time of executing redundant tasks and at the same time saves a lot of investments in a long prospective.

  • Easy Implementing

Machine Learning and AI make possible to implement and integrate any custom bot for a really specific task of your business.

  • Experience and Productivity

A proven record of productivity can be reached using robots created specifically for executing similar tasks every day 24/7.

  • Reliability

With the help of qualified and high-skilled professionals you can create a truly reliable bot without any errors.

  • Compliance and Security

Robots are made in compliance with GDPR, audit and security rules and don’t violate them.

The future of automation is bright. Now it is one of the fastest-growing areas of the software market according to Gartner research. The technology has become on the level when it can be taught by human employees. It is called process mining. Robots with the help of ML can discover what tasks humans are executing, in what way, what tools to use and what methodologies to implement.

RPA cannot fully replace human interaction, someone always needs to monitor the results, polishing it from bugs and implement new strategies which lead to creating new functions or even adding new bots to do the tasks. Bots are interacting with a business ecosystem through user interface. For better results an enterprise user interface should be on a decent level, otherwise, you should create a simple and functional UI before investing a lot of money in pure robots.

Top RPA vendors are Automation Anywhere, UiPath, and BluePrism. Most of robots are made by using the frameworks of these RPA giants. So smaller companies just help businesses to implement the solution in a cost-effective and easy way, teach own IT department to do this in future and guarantee the quality of work. When choosing a Robotic Process Automation vendor, you should consider a company background and experience in automation, innovation, data security, customer support etc.

Ronwell Digital offers not just RPA services as it is, but a partnership, you get a long-term trusted partner that understands your needs and provides excellent customer support during the process of engagement and after getting the job done. We provide a full-cycle RPA services portfolio and offer automation and customization of already existing RPA solutions.

We create solutions that help you to do systems integration, technical support, database backup, daily reporting, onboarding and talent acquisition and much more in every business department. Our aim is to ensure that communication is on the same level between clients and vendors and your solution is one the best on the market. With experience in wide range of IT solutions, we could become a strategic IT business partner you can trust. Feel free to contact us at [email protected] or call us directly +4915251843476.


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