What Is The Difference Between Web Design and Web Development?


What Is The Difference Between Web Design and Web Development?


The differences between web designers and web developers are often misunderstood. While both contribute to the website building phase similarly, their expertise and skills are different. However, they often work together to build a website.

If we give an example to understand the differences between these two fields, we can say that web designers transform an idea or a story into a design and use this layout to build the user experience. Their work is to design the website’s look just like an architect. They need to follow a proper design strategy, or the user experience would fall, and that is something web designers want to avoid.  Then the web developers turn these designs into a working website. They use software languages to develop the design and the functionality of the website. Let us have a look at those areas more deeply.


What is Web Design and What do Web Designers do?

Web designers ensure that websites have a more beautiful and aesthetic appearance. In addition to ensuring that the sites have a beautiful appearance, web designers also have the ability to understand what would be better in a web design work, which is easier to use by users and what work is required to make this experience better. Therefore, web designers don’t just design. They also have to consider many factors while designing. Some of these factors are current trends, design norms and most importantly the behaviour of the target audience. In other words, design should not only appeal to the eye. The design should engage users and enable them to take targeted actions with an impact on users’ behaviour. Therefore, they have built strategic techniques for themselves. First, they start with an outlook which is the focus point and the goal that the website will offer. Then they start to sketch,  do mock-ups, and the final design.


There are some main roles for a web designer:

  • Using Adobe Photoshop, Framer, or Sketch to build the final layout design of the website.
  • Being good at graphic design and logo design
  • Being aware of the latest design trends
  • Being good at analyzing the user experience
  • The color palettes to be used should be similar with the branding of the website


What Skills Do You Need to Become a Web Designer?

  • Layout and Navigation Principles
  • Colour and Typography
  • Mobile Design
  • Prototyping


Web designers usually take part in the first stage of creating a website. At this point, they think about needs of a website and how it should be set up. Then they tell their ideas to the web developer and share the following information with front-end developers:

  • Page patterns or design files
  • The need for functionality
  • CSS properties of design elements (padding, margins, etc.)

What is Web Development?

Web development is the process of developing websites or web pages hosted on the Internet. There are many different websites such as e-commerce stores, blogs, social networks, online video streaming services or some other type of Internet application, and all these websites must be created by a web developer. There are three main area in the web developing field.

  • Front-end Developer
  • Back-end Developer
  • Full Stack Developer


What is Front-End and what do Front-End Developers do?

Front-End refers to the view of a site, and front-end developer is responsible for the user interface (UI) part of a website. They are responsible of building the interface and providing the layouts. For example, you want to create a website for your business. Front-End Developer creates the theme according to the image, style, and design. What will appear where, what graphics to use, colours etc. It is determined in the Front-End part.

The most fundamental languages for Front-End:

  • ✓Html
  • ✓CSS
  • ✓JavaScript
  • ✓Bootstrap
  • ✓jQuery
  • ✓Angular


What is Back-End and What do Back-End Developers do?

Back-End refers to server-side development and Back-End Developer manages the site’s user security and site performance as well as the database. They also focus on database scripts and the architecture of websites. Code written by Back-End Developer helps transmit database information to the browser. These people must be proficient in programming languages. They usually use these languages:

  • ✓ Webform
  • ✓ Mvc
  • ✓Php
  • ✓Python
  • ✓NodeJS
  • ✓ Java


What do Full Stack Developers do?

Full Stack Developers have the ability to do both of Back-End and Front-End work.


Final Words:

As you can see from the article,  normally the web designers and web developers are different from each other but they still need to work together.

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