Why Is Regression Test So Important?


Why Is Regression Test So Important?

Regression test all changes made in the application environment; The newly added features to the application are a type of software test conducted to check whether the existing problems are eliminated and the new updates and added features produce a new error after the previous errors are corrected. After the necessary changes and fixations are made in the application and application environments, the retests are called regression tests. This ensures that the problems identified in previous tests are resolved, and that the newly added features work properly and that no new errors occur. The effects of software errors or regressions (low performance), functional and non-functional improvements, patches made to some areas of the system, and configuration changes can be monitored with regression testing.

Why the Regression Test?

Regression Tests are very important because today many software is done with an iterative development process. In the iterative development process; Short loops are used by adding some new functions (Functionality) in each loop. In this scenario; It would be very meaningful to apply the Regression Test in each cycle to ensure that the newly added functions do not break existing functions

When is the regression test done?

Any changes made on the system may cause unwanted side effects. The integrity of the system is tested by performing regression tests after each change and error correction. In regression tests, the tests are applied after the infrastructure used for the system is brought to a defined state.

In the corporate world, it is necessary to strictly apply this type of test application at every stage of software development. Because the applications created today are constantly developing and updated, changes are made according to the wishes of the customer. Otherwise, greater losses in terms of time and cost may be inevitable.

Regression testing can not only make improvements fit for purpose but can also make a great contribution to software quality.



The most basic strategies to be used during the regression test;

  •  Monitoring the side effects of the changes made and checking whether other errors are caused by existing errors
  • A separate regression test case should be created for each existing error and change.
  •  Test cases that are similar to each other should be checked and unnecessary or less effective ones should be removed or test priority order should be changed.
  • The areas related to design should also be examined.
  • The effects of the application on the system should be monitored. (memories, etc…)

Ending the Regression Test

After the errors found as a result of the regression test are corrected, the test preparation process is checked. If all criteria are found to be at an acceptable level, the test is terminated. After the test is terminated, the application is opened to the user acceptance test. The errors found by the customers or the points desired to be changed are reviewed and submitted to the control of the test team. This out-of-control application goes to the product stage and regression tests continue until the updates are completed.

Regression Testing Tools

Selenium: This is an open-source tool used for automating web applications. Selenium can be used for browser-based regression testing.

Quick Test Professional (QTP): HP Quick Test Professional is automated software designed to automate functional and regression test cases. It uses VBScript language for automation. It is a Data-driven, Keyword-based tool.

Rational Functional Tester (RFT): IBM’s rational functional tester is a Java tool used to automate the test cases of software applications. This is primarily used for automating regression test cases and it also integrates with Rational Test Manager.

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